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Student Awards

We stand out for our exeptional programming, academic excellence, and dedication in giving back to our community.

Every June, we recognize excellence in a variety of forms at our Awards Celebration. The following is a list of awards, as well as the criteria for each award.

Option Subject Awards

Awarded to students for their outstanding achievement as identified by teachers in each subject

Excellence in Classroom Performance

Presented to students who have excelled in all aspects of classroom performance in our Strategies Program


Presented to students who have achieved an average of 79.5% or higher. Averages are calculated based on five core subjects with a lower weighting given to Physical Education and Complementary courses when calculating the average.

Highest Honours

Awarded to the student with the highest overall average in each grade

Athlete of the Year

Presented to the male and female athletes for their outstanding performance, leadership and enthusiasm in the Physical Education and Athletics program

Young Author Award

This award recognizes a student in grade 9 who has demonstrated an outstanding ability to use the written word effectively and creatively, often taking risks with content, vocabulary, imagery, style, and mood.

Director’s Award/ Jazz Award

Presented to exceptional contributors to the Westminster Concert Band and Westminster Jazz Ensemble

Brian Appleby Award

In honour of Brian Appleby’s years of dedication to the craft of music instruction, the Westminster Music Society has created a monetary award to help a student continue his/her musical studies.

The Appleby Musical Scholarship shall be awarded at the end of June to one grade 9 musician, who had been enrolled in Band 9 at Westminster School for that calendar year. The award may be used for the following purposes:

1) summer band camp

2) private lessons on his/her band instrument

3) band instrument purchase 

The student must prove a dedication to the program by being in extra-curricular musical groups; by excelling at performance on his/her instrument; by being a reliable helper in set up, clean up and travel with the band groups; by participating in community service through music; by being enrolled in band in grade 10 and by completing this application. Please indicate how the scholarship will help you further your educational endeavors in music and in service to your community.

Jessica Tait Memorial Citizenship Award

Jessica lived her life joyfully, wholly, completely, and inspired others to do the same. In the year and a half that Jessica LIVED with cancer, she became a leader who used her abilities to benefit others, and was a model of hope, courage and strength.

The Jessica Tait Memorial Citizenship Award is awarded to a grade 9 student who has contributed in an outstanding manner to his or her community, in memory of Jessica, who challenged herself and others to make a positive difference in the worldIt is intended for a student who best exemplifies the qualities of a good citizen as indicated by his/her contribution to the school.  It is this contribution, both inside and outside of the classroom, along with his/her example of leadership and good citizenship to the whole school community that makes this student stand out from among the others.

Jean Elbrond Award

Presented to a student who best demonstrates the characteristics of citizenship as a contributing member of the school, someone who gives of themselves selflessly in the true spirit of their community.

Paul MacDonald

Presented to a student at the Grade 7, 8 and 9 level who demonstrates all-round excellence, effort, and positive attitude in academics, athletics and complementary courses.

Wall of Fame Inductions

Inductees to the Wall of Fame must receive gold, silver or bronze recognition in areas of school-related competitions at a level not less than citywide in scope.  Included also are winners of all major Westminster School awards.

Class Historian (Grade 9 Celebration)

Staff nominates students based on the following criteria:

  • academic standing suitable to the occasion and position;
  • good citizenship characteristics, i.e. attitude, attendance and behaviour
  • involvement in student activities
  • ability in speaking and writing
  • attended Westminster for at least 2 of the 3 years in grades 7 – 9
  • election of the Class Historian will be by the Grade 9 students in their classrooms at a common time