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Parent Groups

Westminster School Council (W.S.C.)

Westminster’s School Council (W.S.C.) is a group of parents, teachers, principal, staff, students and community members who work together to promote the effectiveness of the entire school community and thereby enhance student learning.

A school council facilitates cooperation among all those who have an interest in the programs and policies of the local school.  School councils provide advice and consultation to the principal regarding educational issues across all programs.  While the Council’s goal is to form a working partnership with the school, the principal and school board will continue to be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the school and the ultimate responsibility of ensuring that decisions are in the best educational interest of the students in the school and the district.  

Please consider joining our very active Westminster School Council for 2019 - 2020.  Our students’ learning and development are influenced by the key systems of their lives – family, school, friends, and community. Our goal is to engage our families in working together as a learning community! All parents are welcome to attend. Minutes of the meetings are available upon request and will also be posted to Schoolzone.

The Westminster School Council (W.S.C.) has adopted the following Parent Commitment Statement:

We recognize that as our children’s first and most influential teachers, we can promote their success and contribute to an excellent school if we make and fulfil the following commitments:

Provide a healthy environment ensuring reasonable limits, healthy diet, enough rest, time and a place to do homework.

Maintain good communication between parent and child, inquiring everyday about their friends and about school.

Maintain contact with our children’s school and teachers throughout the school year rather than merely at interviews or in times of crisis.

Support teachers’ efforts by having confidence in their professional judgement and ability, and demonstrating this to our children.

Parent Association of Westminster

The Parent Association of Westminster (P.A.W.) serves as the fundraising side of the School Council. This association works in conjunction with another fundraising portion of the school, the Westminster Music Society. Together, these two associations are actively involved in a variety of fundraising activities complementing the programs at Westminster School.

The Westminster Music Society

The Westminster Music Society seeks to promote and support music education at Westminster School and in the community.  The Society seeks to support and enrich the educational experience of all our Westminster Warriors. 

  • Providing quality instruments to band students
  • Providing supplemental funding for extracurricular activities that promote musical education and enrich community events by enabling Westminster students to perform
  • Purchasing music and maintaining instruments and equipment
  • Providing affordable music education to those unable to provide it for themselves
  • Providing educational supports. Providing transportation for music students
  • Providing financial support (through Casino funds) to the school. Some examples are - technology be it computers, chrome books, smart boards and sound equipment, replacing folding chairs and portable staging used for school functions.
  • Having open communication between the Parents Association of Westminster School and the Westminster Music Society.

"It's a place where kids can find their kindred spirits.

The teachers are dedicated and interested in the students."

- Westminster Parent